Most used Verbs in French, for communication

Most used 600+Verbs in French

List of most used Verbs in French. The list of French verbs with English translation. The French verbs are categorized into er verbs, ir verbs, and re verbs. These category includes both regular and irregular verbs.

The list of French verbs from which anyone can learn French easily.

1to abolishabolir
2to absolveabsoudre
3to abstainabstenir (s’)
4to acceptaccepter
5to accompanyaccompagner
6to accorddépartir
7to accuse, acknowledgeaccuser
8to achieveachever
9to acquireacquérir
10to actagir
11to addajouter
12to addressadresser
13to admireadmirer
14to admitaccorder
15to admitadmettre
16to adoreadorer
17to advanceavancer
18to affecttoucher
19to agevieillir
20to aimviser
21to amuseamuser
22to announceannoncer
23to annoyagacer
24to anointoindre
25to answerrépondre
26to appearapparaître
27to appearcomparaître
28to appointadjoindre
29to approachapprocher
30to approve (of)approuver
31to armarmer
32to arrangearranger
33to arrangeranger
34to arrivearriver
35to ask fordemander
36to assailassaillir
37to assureassurer
38to astonishétonner
39to attackattaquer
40to attainatteindre
41to attendassister
42to attractattirer
43to avengevenger
44to avoidéviter
45to beĂŞtre
46to be ablepouvoir
47to be beatendéconfire
48to be bornnaître
49to be necessaryfalloir
50to be unaware of, ignoreignorer
51to be unaware ofméconnaître
52to be rightavoir raison
53to be worthvaloir
54to beatbattre
55to becomedevenir
56to begsupplier
57to begin, to startcommencer
58to believecroire
59to belongappartenir
60to betraytrahir
61to bindengager
62to bitemordre
63to blackennoircir
64to blameblâmer
65to bleachblanchir
66to bleachdéteindre
67to blessbénir
68to blow, pantsouffler
69to boilbouillir
70to bore, annoyennuyer
71to borrowemprunter
72to bothergĂŞner
73to breakbriser
74to breakcasser
75to breakrompre
76to bringapporter
77to bring to life (a party)animer
78to brushbrosser
79to buildbâtir
80to burnbrûler
81to buryenterrer
82to buyacheter
83to callappeler
84to calltéléphoner
85to catchattraper
86to causesusciter
87to ceasecesser
88to celebratecélébrer
89to changechanger
90to chatbavarder
91to chat, causecauser
92to chatterjaser
93to cheer, acclaimacclamer
94to cherishchérir
95to choosechoisir
96to circumcisecirconcire
97to circumventcirconvenir
98to claimprétendre
99to cleannettoyer
100to climbgrimper
101to climbmonter
102to closeclore
103to closefermer
104to clothevĂŞtir
105to coatenduire
106to collect, gatherrecueillir
107to combpeigner
108to combatcombattre
109to comevenir

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