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The Charts you must Avoid as a Data Analyst for good

Exclude these charts to increase the attention of your Audeince. And receieve good feedback from your Presentation.

If you are a data analyst you should avoid these mistakes. Because these dashboards will create doubts in the mind of your audience.

Rainbow Chart

A rainbow chart can be any chart that has 7 or more colours. The main agenda of using colour in the chart is to make a point, differentiate between categories, show similarity, seek the attention of the audience, or display a trend.

An example of a Rainbow chart with a lot of colours

However, including a lot of colours will make the opposite effect on your audience. This could lead to a lack of attention, confusion between shades of colour

The time to understand a chart by the audience’s brain must be as little as possible. Every Data analyst format the chart, add information such as Axis name, and also delivers a speech in a way to shows facts and numbers above all.

Thus, adding a lot of colours might make your audience’s brain freeze and lose focus from your presentation.

Pie Chart

It is no secret that Pie charts are the meme chart, I mean they are not professional anymore. The main reason is Pie chart does not show Trend and look like the shape of Pizza to many audiences.

Pie chart memes are ancient

Pie charts are one of the most used charts however, one should use them carefully. Pie charts are highly used to display the percentage of category because, as a whole circle is considered 100%.

Although adding more than 4 or more categories in the pie charts lead to a lack of accuracy thus, not only a trend is missing but also accurate text of the chart.

Multiple Line charts

Multiple line chart

Do you like spaghetti? Do you see Spaghetti everywhere? Then multiple line charts are for you. The roads of Delhi in google map and multiple line charts have no difference. Firstly, they are not chaotic as could lead to the wrong outcome. Secondly, time-consuming as it takes a lot of patience and concentration to understand which line is going where. And lastly, if any 2 lines overlap like a caterpillar the line colour could change, or it might create another level of attention at that data point.


A happy audience is all you need. Your audience attention is most important during your presentation. To make the best out of that attention is to provide accurate information, charts which are self-explanatory, and full of power to make a good impression.

I have made a video to explain the alternatives of the above –

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