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Tableau vs Data Studio Which one is better?

Tableau vs Data Studio which one is better for you, is it Salesforce Tableau or Google’s Data Studio.

What is the difference between Looker and data studio?

Data studio was initially launched by Google on March 15, 2016. On October 2022 GCP keynotes, Google announced that Data studio will be called Looker Studio.

Users, Searchers, and Trends of Visualization tools

Google trend of Data studio vs Tableau

Tableau was searched more than Data Studio on Google search. This clearly means that Tableau is more popular than Data Studio.
Being popular is a key advantage in the software industry. The mouth of words could be positive or negative. Thus we also need to view social media sentiments.

The higher the trend means that the community is strong, and the demand is high.

How do Data Studio and Tableau Prices Compare?

Tableau vs Data studio pricing

Tableau: The software has a free version called Tableau Public’. However, this free version does not have all features. One cannot save Tableau public to their hard drive. Tableau is available in subscription plans.

Tableau Desktop Pricing

Data Studio pricing 2022: Data Studio is free to utilize. There are over 300 connectors with some data connectors being developed by other developers or community members. There could be a fee to use these connectors, but everything else in the Looker Studio / Data Studio is free.

Compatibility of Tableau and Data Studio, Does Tableau or Data Studio Have Better Service?

Data Studio: Since its release Data Studio has been a web-based service. It cannot work offline, or on computer chips. Therefore, only if you have high-speed Internet, it is advised to use Google Data Studio. On the other hand

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Tableau: It is compatible with all silicone. Yes, whether it is Mac, Windows, or any other OS you will face no issues whatsoever. Tableau services are also available online on Tableau Cloud, which can be accessed on the web.

Clients of Tableau and Google Data Studio, Which organization prefers to operate Tableau or Data studio?

Tableau has clients from all over the world. The list is endless, and continues to grow! Thanks to tableau’s advanced distribution and networking system which keeps clients satisfied.

Here are some of the Tableau Clients:

Tableau Clients

Data Studio : Google data studio is Free, and therefore many internal departments of companies use it. There is no requirement for licensing too. Therefore, departments that are dependent on Google sheets also use google slides and Data Studio.

Yet, the google cloud platform which is the parent of Data Studio has enormous clients. GCP is one of the top Cloud providers. Here are some of the Google Cloud Platform Clients:

Google Cloud Platform Customers

Owners and Users

Tableau is now owned by Salesforce. Salesforce s the biggest CRM provider in the World. It is 122/500 Fortune 500 in 2022. And top 100 Tech companies in the USA.

On the other hand, Data Studio is a service provided by Google. Google is the top 10 companies in the USA, and among the Big 4 Tech giants.

Data sources and features

Data Studio provides access to your data from 800+ data sets from over 700 connectors. Many connectors are by 3rd owners or by enterprises other than Google. An organization such as Funnel, supermarket, and SEM rush are top providers in this category.

Some of the famous Data sources are:

  • Google Bigquery
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Google Ads
  • Search Console
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google Sheets
  • And a few more,

Find all the data sources and data connectors of Google’s Data studio.

On the other hand, Tableau consists of

Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop both have different amounts of data sources. Tableau Public consists of only

  • MS Excel
  • Text file
  • JSON files
  • PDF file
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets
  • And a few more

excel, text, other flat files, and a few more.

Tableau Desktop has a variety of connections such as:

And the list continues. The full list can be found on Tableau Website: Tableau Connectors

Does Tableau have a better community than Data Studio?

Official Tableau Community

Tableau and Data Studio both have a quality community however, in numbers Tableau have more members than Data Studio.

Official Data studio / Looker Studio community

Is Data Studio better than Tableau?

In pricing, and compatibility with other google product Yes, Data studio is better than Tableau. However, in many other features such as Data connections, Look and feel of the software, and in many other ways Tableau wins over Data Studio.

That could be a good reason why Tableau is more famous than Data Studio.

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How to get a Tableau Certificate:

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