How to install SQL 2022 and SSMS on windows

How to Install SQL 2022 and SSMS 18 on Windows 8/10/11

How to Install Microsoft SQL server 2022 and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) version 18 on Windows 8/10/11. SQL is one of the most important skills for Data analysts and Data scientists.

Follow the video for a more in-depth tutorial – In this video we have installed both MS SQL server and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).

Why Microsoft SQL server and not MySQL by Oracle?

Mysql vs MS sql
Google trend of MySQL and SQL server

Although MySQL is widely used, and preferred by many organizations and developers, however, after the release of Azure Cloud by Microsoft the table has turned.

Microsoft Azure cloud platform has multiple services and products. And Databases such as AzureSQL DB requires SQL Server to run.

Azure is one of the most preferred Cloud platform after Amazon’s AWS

Therefore, it is highly recommended to start with SQL Server and not with MySQL.

The similarity between both the Query Languages is 90% as syntax, commands, and logic are identical.

How to install Microsoft SQL Server on windows

To install the Microsoft SQL server follow the step.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Microsoft SQL server. Select the free version and click on the “Download Now” button to start downloading.

Download MS SQL server
MS SQL server

Step 2: After the downloading is finished click on the setup to start the installation process of the Microsoft SQL server on the windows operating system.

Step 3: Once clicked on the setup the pop-up window will appear. In this tutorial, we will select the Download Media option.

how to install MS SQL server on windows + umang
MS SQL setup

Step 4: Select your Language, and chose CAB (Compressed Media .exe).

Step 5: In my case, it took approximately 15 minutes to set up. After the download is finished you must click on “open the folder”, and click on the sql_server.exe file to start the installation.

How to correctly setup SSAS, SSIS, and SQL Server

After you have downloaded the SQL Server, the next part is to install the sql_server.exe file

  • Select the “Installation” option
  • Select “New SQL Server Standalone installation or add a feature to an existing installation”
  • A new pop-up window should appear, select the developer option as we are going to install a free version. Otherwise, you are free to choose MS Azure or the Product key option. The rest of the steps remain the same.
  • Accept the license term and click on next
  • On Install Rules, check all the results must green (Window Firewall in an exception)
  • Let us skip the Azure Extension for SQL Server
  • While selecting the feature I will advise you to select: Database Engine Services, Analysis Services, and Integration services. After selecting the features, click on next
  • In the Instance option, keep all the options on default and click on next
  • Database Engine Configuration chose “Window Authentication mode” and add yourself that is a Current user as SQL Server administrator click on next
  • On Analysis Services Configuration, chose Tabular mode, and add the current user as Administrator. And click on next
  • Now your SQL server is ready to install. Click on install.

It took almost 5 minutes to complete the setup.

SQL server 2022 setup successfully completed
SQL server 2022 setup successfully completed

After installing the Microsoft SQL server, the next step is to install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). As everyone needs an IDE to run SQL queries.

How to install SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)? The leading SQL IDE for T-SQL.

To install SQL Server Management Studio, first visit the official website of SSMS (

Now, click on the downloaded SSMS-Setup.exe file. The setup pop-up window should appear.

Follow the instructions in the setup window till it finishes.

Watch the Video for a step-by-step easy installation video.

How to install SSMS

Do you wish to learn SQL Easy and Quicky? Then here are the simple practice:

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