Create a Stunning Tableau Dashboard in 5 Easy Steps
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How to Create a Stunning Tableau Dashboard in 5 Easy Steps

Create a Stunning Tableau Dashboard in 5 Easy Steps, I would be happy to invite you to also watch the video:


This is a Tableau Dashboard Design Tutorial.

Tableau dashboard examples


Easy Tableau Dashboard Steps are included in the Video.

Tableau dashboard examples

How to Create a Stunning Tableau Dashboard in 5 Easy Steps

Have a glimpse of this dashboard everyone. Go ahead and click on the maps to analyze the data!

Or you can visit my Tableau Public Page: Umang Bhardwaj

You can Download the Data to create the Tableau Dashboard from below:

    1. Extract, Clean, and Transform the Data:

    The greatest gift to data analyzing is to have clean data stored in the system. Lucky for you that I have already done the hard work of cleaning the data.

    The best way to clean the data is to use Tableau Prep. It is a versatile tool that can have capabilities to do multiple steps such as Cleaning, Transforming, Shaping, and Calculating.

    In the real world, we definitely need a tool like Tableau Prep, that can be a layer behind visualization tools such as Tableau Public / Tableau Desktop. It is used as ETL which is a massive help in creating a Tableau Dashboard and increasing the capacity.

    2. Find Answers to the Business Questions

    By creating a Tableau design you want the viz to answer automatically answer all the Business questions. A simple glimpse of designing a dashboard can be watched in my youtube video. The video also includes great Tableau Design Tips for everyone who would like to get into Business Intelligence Tools.

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    You must ask a question to yourself, how can you improve the viz to make the Tableau dashboard easy for business users?

    • The Tableau dashboard should be Relevant and accurate to answer Business Questions
    • Tableau Dashboard Design should be clean and fun to use
    • It Eliminates all the Data Silos
    • Lastly, Tableau Dashboard’s best practice is to add your brand, or clients logo and theme

    At this step, you must have Data to put into Tableau and Business Questions that you would like to answer to the Audience.

    3. Create beautiful Visualizations

    My Tableau Design design Tips are inspired by one of the Tableau Blogs: 7- Tableau Design Tips

    In a nutshell, to improve your Dashboard you must follow these Rules: Here are the Best Tableau Dashboard Tips

    Create a Stunning Tableau Dashboard in 5 Easy Steps
    Tableau Dashboard Design Example
    1. Use the right fonts
    2. Simplify your use of color
    3. Collaborate and iterate
    4. Optimize the screen space
    5. Lastly, do not overdo it

    It is time to make some Bar Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, and Maps.

    Here is another Blog you will find really helpful when making a Tableau Dashboard:
    The Charts you must avoid for good

    4. combine Visualization into a Dashboard

    Try to avoid single Visualization instead made multiple visualizations into 1 dashboard. A complete dashboard or Best Tableau Dashboard Practice includes

    • Adding multiple Viz
    • Adding Filters, and Actions
    • Adding animations
    • Good visible Text
    • Impactful Headlines
    • Buttons, and other features to improvise
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    5. Create a stunning Tableau Dashboard

    A stunning dashboard should not only tell a story but also cover all the points that we covered. Remember “Who is your audience”, and make your dashboard for the audience.

    Your Dashboard should cover correct numbers, correct visuals, and correct actions. It should also cover all the “key performance indicators “.

    You can always visit my youtube channel for examples of creating a stunning dashboard. Remember, practice is the key to becoming an expert. Here you find really amazing idea to become an expert in Tableau Dashboard. This is the URL to my Youtube channel.

    Here is a Tableau Dashboard Example:

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