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Can England win World Cup 2022: Great Artificial Intelligence Technology

England squad can win world cup 2022, thanks to advanced Artificial intelligence and Big data analysis in Football

Since 2019 Football Association of England has announced a partnership with Google Cloud. This will help England to improve its performance and maybe win the world cup in 2022 and also, be a platform to enhance the performance of the Squad. The Google Cloud Platform is an Intelligent system that can not only Store, Read and Write data but also, it can use technology such as Big data analysis and machine learning to enable artificial intelligence for any purpose.

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What is Artificial intelligence in Sports?

Machine learning predictive algorithms are used to predict the output value corresponding to a specific input. The algorithm uses a training set, i.e., a set of pairs (input and corresponding output), and learns to guess any other such pair.

A classification algorithm takes input data, which is typically a matrix of numerical values and outputs a categorical array. In other words, it assigns each datum to one or more categories. This can be useful for organizing and understanding your data, as well as for automated decision-making processes.

There are a number of different ways that machine learning can be applied to team sports, especially football. For example, understanding the physical and psychological condition of players, making decisions during the match, advanced analysis of the strategy of the opposing team, and so on.

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History of AI technology in sports against human

Do you remember the game between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol in South Korea that was won by AlphaGO? Then, you must recall who was behind the AlphaGo. Google AI has all it takes to win, advanced hardware, an intelligent team, and leading software that enables them to participate and win.

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Can England Win World Cup?

Yes, with a healthy, complete, and intelligent squad they can win the world cup using the Google cloud platform. The squad seems to have depth, and hunger to win games. Now, AI has a history of winning in football, for example like SAP had a hand to help Germany win the world cup in 2014. Football AI can have multiple impacts on the team strategy such as: analyzing opponents, fitness, game analysis, player reporting, and formation impact.
Lastly, it also depends on the manager where he would like to focus the most. The power AI can do multiple tasks, and certainly, there is no limit to it.

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Applications of AI in Football

Match Simulation: The fact that before playing an actual game, it can be simulated like a video game. This simulation can result in optimal performance analysis, team formation analysis, and many other components. During the simulation, the England team can change factors or variables such as Players, Formation, and tactics.

Opponent analysis: The vital and biggest unique selling point of Artificial intelligence is it can analyze videos on multiple factors such as – strengths, weaknesses, emotions, luck factor, and skills. This can really be a big opportunity for England to win over the opponent.

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Fitness Analysis: Nutrition and Training are vital for fitness. And fitness always play an important role in high performance during the match. AI can provide multiple nutrition and fitness suggestion to push the performance of the Team.

Other National Football Teams Using AI?

Yes, there are 4 more Nations that can win the World using AI.

Germany – SAP Technology

Uruguay – Driblab

Spain Armony

The Netherlands – Scisports

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