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4 Best Analytics and Business Intelligent Tools of 2022

These are the 4 Best Analytics and Business Intelligent Tools of 2022 widely used by professionals and researchers.

What are Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms?

Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms enable less technical users, including businesspeople, to model, analyze, explore, share and manage data, and collaborate and share findings, enabled by IT and augmented by artificial intelligence (AI). ABI platforms may optionally include the ability to create, modify or enrich a semantic model including business rules.

4 Best Analytics and Business Intelligent Tools

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a freemium tool available on the Microsoft store. It can only be installed on Windows operating system. The price of MS varies from $13.70 to $27.50 per user. There is also a monthly premium plan. Please find more information on their official website

Microsoft power bi pricing
MS power BI pricing

What do I like about Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is an appealing Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform tool. It organizes data by importing it easily from Excel and aggregating it from other sources. It is simple to use and has good analytical capabilities. I enjoy how easily I can analyze and display data and then arrange it on a dashboard that can be updated in real-time. I appreciate that now I may access it through a link and that accessing the dashboard does not imply access to the data. Power BI has been a game-changer for us. It’s a platform that brings all parties together on one sheet and enables us to see and analyze the data. Power Bi enables us to split down whatever statistics we need to view with graph representation when a firm includes markets, districts, and locations that need to exhibit data.

What do I like about Power BI?

The slicer function, which makes filtering simple and interactive, is one of the greatest aspects of this application. Power BI may be improved even more by adding new themes to this. It’s essential to learn how to connect the work data through analysis. There are moments when it’s difficult. However, with practice or training, we can work amazingly.


The software has a free version ‘Tableau Public’. However, this free version does not have all features. One cannot save Tableau public hard drive. Tableau is available in subscription plans.

Here is the Website from where you can purchase the plan: Tableau Subscription

comparison between Tableau and Looker
Tableau Pricing

What do I like about Tableau?

I like that Tableau has several ways to filter the data to find areas of high impact. I love that the server can support a large number of panels with many different and multiple update schedules. I like that we can specify a time interval to take snapshots of the dashboard. I love that Tableau Server makes it easy to share reports with the audiences who need to see them. I like that a strong point for Tableau Server is controlling user access to folders, dashboards, data sources, and groups. I love that Tableau Server can be installed on a cloud storage service or on a local server. I love that the permissions are full-featured, but still easy to understand, and the ability to sync with Active Directory fits well with my organization’s overall access management strategy.

What do I dislike about Tableau?

You should be aware of the discrepancies between the versions of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop, as an earlier version may not support work done in newer versions. Mainly the upload of data and files by the application server can be quite complex to configure. Tableau integration can be difficult, so some of the data pipelines are brittle. Lack of ability to pass data from one source to another, The license cost will be slightly high compared to other BI tools on the market.

Google’s Looker Studio

Looker pricing 2022: Looker is free to utilize. There are over 300 connectors with some data connectors being developed by other developers or community members. There could be a fee to use these connectors, but everything else in the Looker Studio / Data Studio is free.

What do I like about Looker Studio?

Team Looker is always realizing new features and enhancements. This is something good because it is painting the path for the future, meaning that we can trust the tool because we know that is growing and is always thinking about new features. A great feature is an ability to develop your own Looker Action and deploy it into the Looker Action Hub. This is really an open door to a new world of integration and possibilities with Looker. Another important feature to highlight is the Looker API; it is also very helpful for us and it helps a lot in the integration with other services and apps.

What do I dislike about Looker Studio?

Probably the support; several times we were raising the questions to them and requested features but sadly the answer is always something like “it is not in our roadmap”; so this is kind of frustrating because we must then check other possibilities in the tool to do the same. A good example is the upgrades that they are applying to the look and feel of dashboards. We are missing one feature there, and it is the possibility to hide the Dashboard title, this feature was removed for the new Dashboards. Now with the new look and feel, they are not supporting anymore that option, but in our integrations, we actually need to hide the title. This request was made several months ago and we still do not have an answer from them.

Qlik Sense

Qlik sense is not Free. Yet affordable for anyone who would like to enjoy working on Qlik sense. Qlik Sense empowers people to make better data-driven decisions and take action. It has several capabilities when it comes to connectors and visualization. Find more on their official website.

Qlik sense pricing

What do I like about Looker Studio?

– Data Load (Data Model function) – helps to transform data into the desired format. Cloud Based (Scalability) – Timely data reload – allows the company to review the latest performance and make the right decision quickly.

What do I dislike about Looker Studio?

– Syntax for writing expression is not similar to another programming language. The speed of loading the apps can be slow when the data size is large. Not the most stable tools when connecting to a local database as a data source

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